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State Representative Ken Wilson: Families and Christmas

Missouri State Representative Ken Wilson represents district 12 in the Missouri State House of Representatives. This is his December 16, 2015 newsletter. In it he discusses HB 42 which is the recent school transfer law that passed the legislature. For more information on our Opinion Section please click here.

Being with family on Christmas has been a long lasting tradition for many of us. We long for togetherness and look forward to familiar faces and tarry at the dinner table filled with more food than we can possibly eat in one setting and time with our loved ones remembering times past.

Every year at this time I remember Christmas time at First Baptist Church in Spickard, Missouri. At the completion of our annual Christmas program, Pastor Norris would hand each of us a treat bag. Inside was the biggest orange, the juiciest apple, a candy cane and in the bottom was hard rock candy…it was the best.

With all the busyness of the Christmas season, I think we as adults need to slow down and enjoy the excitement of Christmas time again. Remember when the Christmas catalogs would arrive in the mail. How you looked through them, page by page, marking, and turning down the corners to mark the page, hoping and dreaming for that special gift. Remember how it felt waiting and trying sleep on Christmas Eve. Yea, we need to slow down and cherish family each and every day but especially at Christmas time.

I am blessed beyond measure with little ones, and the knowledge that my family is safe and secure. This year we have seen many changes in all of our lives. For me and my family, this will be the first Christmas without my father at the table. I realize that for others it is yet another Christmas without a loved one at the table. I certainly understand the hurt and loneness that comes as well.

I also understand the blessings that come from this time of year. Our church recently celebrated a baptism of a teenage girl. As I was preparing to baptize her, she asked to say a few words, and through tears she thanked her family and the church for accepting and supporting her. Her words not only touched the hearts of everyone in church but she showed all of us the importance of being accepted and loved.

We long for togetherness. Most of us know where we will be on Christmas. Your mom’s, maybe your sister’s or brother’s house, or perhaps the nursing home where grandma or grandpa live. What a blessing at Christmas time to know that we are accepted “as is’ when we arrive. And sometimes they are the only ones who “get us” What a blessing.

Families are so important. In Missouri, we hold our families as the highest priority. The issues range from abortion to elderly abuse to public safety. I will certainly continue to do my best to be an advocate for the most valuable and loved, your family and mine. Melissa and I and my entire family want to wish each of you and yours a very blessed Christmas.

Every issue Wilson highlights an area small business. The Northland News would like to thank Representative Ken Wilson for his mention of our publication in his newsletter. 

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