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Do you still take the paper for the coupons?

One of the things I often hear from people when I’m out and about the Northland talking about The Northland News is that they still take the paper for the coupons.

I get it. I’m a saver. I used to do it, too, but then I realized that I could just print physical coupons from the Internet and get paid for it through MyPoints.com.

If you’re not familiar with MyPoints.com it’s one of the oldest rewards sites on the Internet. I’ve been using it for years. You get points for shopping online and doing certain things, some as simple as opening emails and clicking through a link. You then redeem those points for gift cards. I’ve collected hundreds of dollars in gift cards through the years. (Click this affiliate link to Join MyPoints and Earn Rewards!)

In recent months, it’s been a challenge to even take the time to log into my MyPoints account and print the coupons.

I take Money magazine, and the new issue came in the mail last night. One of the cover stories was 36 Apps That Will Save You Money. They break the apps into categories including shopping, travel, money management, home, retirement, college, and investing. Here’s a little video from the digital version of the article that summarizes some of the apps in the article.

I love life hacking stuff through technology, so last night I spent some time going through the article and trying out several of the shopping apps. One of the more impressive shopping apps pretty much eliminates the need to subscribe to the Kansas City Star if you’re a person that still likes getting the coupons.

Flipp is an app (available in both iTunes and Google Play) that includes every weekly advertising circular that you could think of, plus it includes a coupon function that can load coupons on to your store loyalty card. Some coupon manufacturers still require a physical coupon instead of an app based coupon, but if you’re tech savvy enough you can even set-up the app to print to a wireless printer right from your phone.

Here’s a video from Flipp that explains it a little bit:

I played around with it a little bit last night and was pretty impressed with it’s capabilities. If you’re someone who keeps buying that paper for the coupons and advertising circulars, try out this app and save yourself a little bit of money. Then you can take that money saved and support TheNorthlandNews.com through Patreon.

Other apps in the article that I downloaded and intend on playing with over the next couple of weeks:

  • RetailMeNot – Get discounts with coupon and promo codes for thousands of online stores. Plus print coupons for offline stores.
  • ShopSavvy – Inspect merchandise in the store then the bar code to compare prices online.
  • iBotta – This wasn’t in the article but I found it in Google Play. You choose a store you are going to go shop at, buy whatever, then scan the receipt. They’ll issue a refund to you if one is available. Kind of like reverse couponing.
  • Walmart App – Shop at Walmart? Use this app to scan your receipt after you get home. The app looks for better deals at competitor and then credits you any difference.

Have a favorite app that you think could help other TNN readers save money? Comment below and let us know about it.


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