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Banks Flagging Frequent Pharmacy Trips, Bulk DVD Rentals, and Other Ordinary Activity to Turn Over Tips to Government Snoops

All sorts of normal behavior are now triggering financial surveillance as banks try to comply with confused government policies on human trafficking. American and British banks are monitoring customers’ contraception purchases, DVD-rental frequency, dining-out habits, and more in a misguided attempt to detect human traffickers, according to a new report …

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#ClayCoMindset: Should Missouri Raise the Age of Consent for Marriage?

Clay County Mindset

According to TheMissouriTimes.com Missouri State Representative-Elect Jean Evans, R-Manchester, has proposed a new bill to raise the age of marriage with parental consent in Missouri from the current 15 to 17 years of age. The rational behind the bill is that sex traffickers can come to Missouri and marry 15, …

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Missouri’s Battle Against Human Trafficking

Missouri Viewpoints Mike Ferguson

It’s all around us, even though we usually don’t see it. Human Trafficking takes several different forms. It can be forced sex work, it can be forced labor in farm fields or in nail salons or in motels. Missouri has a task force that’s wrapping up work on human trafficking. …

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Missouri State Rep. Kevin Corlew – General Election Thoughts and Human Trafficking Task Force

Missouri State Representative Kevin Corlew represents Missouri House district 14. Most of Representative Corlew’s district is in Platte County, but a small portion of it extends into Clay County. This is his November 3, 2016 email newsletter. For more information on our Opinion Section and why we publish these newsletter …

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Human Trafficking Task Force to Hold Public Hearing in Columbia

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – A group of Missouri state legislators and citizens working together to combat the rapidly-growing criminal industry of human trafficking will hold a public hearing in Columbia. The Human Trafficking Task force, which is chaired by state Rep. Elijah Haahr, will take public testimony on the issue during …

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Senator Claire McCaskill Targets Sex Trafficking and Demands Answers from Backpage.com

United States Senator Claire McCaskill

Senator Claire McCaskill is the senior United States Senator from Missouri. This is a video from November 19, 2015 of her in committee discussing concerns about sex trafficking. McCaskill is questioning Yiota Souras, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The two discussed …

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OUR Rescue

I Stand Against Child Slavery

While The Northland News Charity section is primarily reserved to local charities, there are two national charities that we feature on the site. The first of these two charities is OUR Rescue. Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) is a non-profit organization that rescues kidnapped children from slavery. OUR rescue teams are …

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Kevin Corlew: May 5, 2015 Legislative Update

Missouri State Representative Kevin Corlew

Missouri State Representative Kevin Corlew represents Missouri House district 14. Most of Representative Corlew’s district is in Platte County, but a small portion of it extends into Clay County. This is his May 5, 2015 Legislative Update newsletter. In it he discusses recent legislation concerning human trafficking, education, and courts. For more information on …

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