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TheNorthlandReport – December 23, 2016

We thought we’d fire up this aggregation post again. We used to call it Clay County in the News, but we thought we’d expand it a little to stories not just from our area, but for statewide content you might find of interest.


KCI Bans Shuttle Company

Thanks to Fox 4 Problem Solvers

Hale Heating and Cooling in Liberty Uses Cameras to Catch Thieves

Cameras see two thieves

KC Biz Journal Year in Review: Cerner…

presses forward despite year of uncertainty


Amendment 2 – Campaign Donation Restrictions – Face Immediate Legal Challenge

Co-ops ask for restraining order…

St. Louis MLS Stadium Vote Cancelled by Investors

One day after Gov.-Elect Greitens states opposition.

Felony Charges for Bullying at Recess?

Educators try to sort out new law passed last session.

Nixon Celebrates Increase in State Parks Attendance

Over 20 million visitors in one year.

Missourians Like the All-Day McDonald’s Breakfast

Top Google search term in Missouri, “McDonald’s breakfast all day”. Not in the article above but HERE, Kansan’s was “LGBT”, Nebraskans curious about “Pepe meme”, Iowans worried about the “Islamic State”, Illinois misses departed sports broadcaster “Craig Sager”, Kentucky floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee with “Muhammad Ali”, Tennessee pities the fake news with “Mr. T Dead”, Arkansas wants to know about “Kobe Bryant retirement.” And Californians apparently think 2016 was the worst year ever…

Feel Good or Fun, Because it’s Not as Bad as Traditional Media Would Like You to Believe:

Edmonton Oiler player who scored game winning goal against the St. Louis Blues tears up in post-game interview after he’s shown son’s response in stands.

Kansas City Pet Project to Host Adopt-a-Thon

Hopes to empty shelter Saturday.

KC Mom’s Blog Helps You Finish Up Elf Surveillance

10 great places to place Santa’s spy

Out to Eat KC profiles five drinks and to get you in the holiday spirit

Most importantly, where in KC can you get them.

The Line Creek Loudmouth tells us a local bike shop is moving 

Great deals…moving sale

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