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Two Appearances at Commission by Entrepreneur Who Wants to Reopen Paradise Pointe Restaurant

A little less than a year ago, Clay County resident Weldon Wright appeared before the Clay County Commission to discuss an RFP (Request for Proposal) to reopen the restaurant at Paradise Pointe Marina (formerly Little Platte Marina). The last restaurant to occupy the spot, Castaways, closed in 2010.

Wright returned to the Commission 3 weeks ago to discuss the RFP that he again submitted last year. According to Wright, no one responded to the first posting on July 1, 2016  and then a subsequent posting. He was then contacted by the County asking if he was going to submit an RFP.

“I said, well, I didn’t really want to anymore because of the run around I’d been getting. That being said, I submitted a proposal.”

Wright went on to say that he’d met with Commissioner Luann Ridgeway and Assistant County Administrator Nicole Brown several times. The original meetings were positive. Wright stated that the most recent meeting regarding his RFP was about 3 weeks ago with Clay County staff that included Brown and Assistant County Administrator Brad Garrett. According to Wright, Brown and Garrett wanted to rewrite the RFP and that there was a need to inspect the building. Wright said Garrett called him recently informing him that the County could not use the existing building because it was inspected and the results were “not structurally sound”. Wright then asked Garrett for the letter that showed this.

“He said that he didn’t have the document, what he had was a letter and his words to me was that he didn’t have to show anything. So that was the conversation that took place with him, other than the fact that he proceeded to inform me that my text messages were inappropriate, in which I wonder how he got to read those, but they were totally appropriate and I’ll make them public to anyone that wants them.”

We spoke to wright after the Commission meeting and took photos of the text message communications that he had stored on his phone. You can see those photos below. We have edited out the phone number out of respect to Ms. Brown’s privacy.

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Wright continued, “Second, he used the words bully. Told me I was trying to bully myself into a restaurant. My response to him was the county called me, not the other way around. I don’t care, but I want to see right done. That being said, I would at least, one, get the RFP approved or closed, two, I want to know if it’s closed because of structural issues. I would like to see the document.”

Wright went on to make some more comments about events that occurred at that week’s meeting.

Wright returned today to make further comments during the public comment portion. Wright discussed several things in the course of his comment, but again brought up the RFP pertaining to the Little Platte restaurant.

Wright said that he called purchasing and was told that the RFP was still in committee.

“I don’t know what that means. I can’t find out who that is, so it’s still up in the air. I’d like that brought to the three of yours attention for a vote, or I’d would like to officially have it cancelled.”

If you look at the 2017 Clay County Budget you do see a budgeted amount for the construction of a marina restaurant. The item also appeared in last year’s budget.

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