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In today’s media environment we are hit with tons of advertisements every day. The challenge for a company and brand is that it is getting harder to penetrate through all the noise. In addition, consumers are beginning to expect more out of brands. Instead of just looking at your ad, they want to interact with it or take something of value away from it.

Sponsored content on The Northland News is a way to break through all the noise to those that are most active on our site: our readers.

With a sponsored post or sponsored column you can talk straight to our readers (POTENTIAL CLIENTS)!

All sponsored posts appear in our news feed, get shared to our Facebook page, and get shared in our email newsletter.

Do you run an auto repair business?

Write a column that teaches readers (POTENTIAL CLIENTS) about automobile maintenance.


Write a column that offers readers (POTENTIAL CLIENTS) ways to improve their yards.


Write a column that offers nutritional advice that could enrich readers (FUTURE PATIENTS) lives.


What a great way to tell your story to our readers (POTENTIAL DONORS) and raise money for your cause!

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