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About Sponsored Content on The Northland News

Sponsored content on The Northland News is one of the best ways to take advantage of our modern format. This is a guaranteed way to put your message in front of readers each day.

Sponsored content is your way to use our platform to “content market” to prospective customers. With this option, a story shows up in our main editorial section of the site with the latest daily news.

On top of that, your content will stay published on our site forever. Your story will be discoverable by search engines for years to come. In addition, news content with related content tags may generate your post underneath another story on the site.

Any business can purchase a single Sponsored Post on the site for $50. We also sell a package of five Sponsored Posts for $200. If you want to run sponsored content on the site on a regular basis, we can discuss a Sponsored Column which would allow you to have a direct link to your column on the top of the site.

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Social Media Promotion

In addition to site exposure, your Sponsored Post/Sponsored Column will be shared on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Do I write the story myself, or does someone at The Northland News do it?

You are the one that knows your business best, so we’d like to encourage you to write what you can. The Northland News is happy to help you edit your content.

With Sponsored Columns, the advertiser is responsible for drafting the story and we serve in the editorial role.

Interested in Sponsored Content on TheNorthlandNews.com? Contact us today!

Call 816-678-6965 or email [email protected]

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