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TheNorthlandNews.com advertising starts at just $25 per month. Readers can now support the site through Patreon!

Give us a call today, so we can set up a modern, digital marketing program for your local business! Ask about our $60 for 6 special. 6 months on the site and included in our email newsletter for $360!

Contact Andrew Palmer at 816-678-6965 Nick Hartman at 816-332-1662 for more information.

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Updated: 2/23/2017

Launched on June 23, 2015, The Northland News is the only hyperlocal news source serving all of Clay County, Missouri, including Avondale, Claycomo, Excelsior Springs, Gladstone, Glenaire, Holt, Kansas City, Kearney, Lawson, Liberty, Missouri City, Mosby, North Kansas City, Oakview, Pleasant Valley, Randolph, Smithville, Village of Birmingham, Village of Oaks, Village of Oakwood, and Village of Oakwood Park. With our focus on area news, charity, business, events, and sports, we will soon be attracting the largest daily audience of people looking to find out what’s happening in Clay County.

Unlike other local news sources in our area, we don’t charge you to read our news, and we don’t have a pay wall on the website. Our primary goal for our advertising is to help area small business owners get their name out to local consumers.

Not a small business owner, but like what we’re doing!

Generally, a subscription to the local physical circulars in the Northland costs $36 a year. The taxpayer subsidized Kansas City Star charges readers about $10 a month.

Would you consider investing in a locally-owned, digital news start-up with a small monetary donation?

We’re on Patreon which is a digital, crowdfunding site for content creators. You can donate just $1 a month (we all know we waste far more than that every year). Higher level donations get free stuff and a chance to win gift cards every month.


For more information about our local, affordable advertising opportunities contact:

Andrew Palmer at [email protected] or 816-678-6965.


We understand, we’re a small business, too. You want to know how much exposure your ad dollars will buy. Please see statistics below that are intended to help you decide if our marketing platform is right for you. Don’t understand something or want to know more, call Andrew at 816-678-6965.

Website Demographics:

Google Demographics November 2015

  • 52% of our site traffic is coming from Kansas City and 9% from Liberty.
  • 76% of our site traffic is ages 35+
  • Since launch we have seen 104,448 unique visitors to our website, 165,907 sessions, and 259,393 pageviews.

Our open-rate is currently three times higher than the industry average.

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Social Media Platforms:

ALL of our advertising options give you unique access to our social media platforms. This is one component of our advertising that separates us from the competition. Give us a call, so we can tell you more about this.


Current demographics of Facebook audience:

Some other stats about our Facebook audience:

  • The majority of them reside in Kansas City (50%). Liberty accounts for 14%. Most of the other 30% is spread throughout the Clay County portion of the Northland. We have a sprinkling from other metro area communities.
  • Additional information available upon request!
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